Confused about how your kitchen should look? Here are some amazing kitchen styles that are surely going to blow your mind!

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Confused about how your kitchen should look? Here are some amazing kitchen styles that are surely going to blow your mind!

Remodelling a home can be extremely daunting and challenging, but at the same time, it brings in a lot of excitement. The countless to-do lists, the shopping sprees to different stores, and hand-picking everything boosts the adrenaline and make the process even more fun. But before you get started, it is important to settle on a kitchen style that suits you and your lifestyle. When you undertake remodelling for any part of the house, your goal is to utilise every aspect of the space effectively. This has to be done keeping in mind your aspirations and personal preferences. A kitchen is the heart of every home, and it should definitely be a priority to make a perfect place to cook your meals and have them too! When it actually comes to drawing a rough sketch on a blackboard, it may seem rather confusing as to what style really suits your home and your personality. There are different styles of kitchens that cater to different people coming from different demographics. Right from whether you want painted walls or simple kitchen wall tile designs, or whether you want a modest countertop or a luxe one, or whether you want simple lighting or layered lighting, there are so many choices you have to make. Here are some awe-inspiring kitchen styles that may call out to you in case you’re looking for a makeover, that will make your lives easier.

Modern Kitchen:

The word ‘modern kitchen’ can have a thousand interpretations, depending on what one’s perception and definition of modern may be. But if we have to generalise, when we think of modern, the words that come to mind are sophistication, sleek, minimalistic, streamlined, contemporary, and elegant, amongst many others. Think of it as one of those kitchens that you see on your favourite cooking show. Modern kitchens resonate with the aesthetic of a minimalist kitchen that has beautiful shiny countertops and islands, with a display of some niche centerpieces and shiny appliances that only make the place look richer and more luxurious. You may also see modern interior design concepts like layered lighting, and open shelving that are really ruling the charts in the decor space in the current times.


A farmhouse is a rural retreat that gives warmth and comfort to your soul, that is far away from the chaos of the city, in the countryside. A farm kitchen, also called a country kitchen, exudes a natural, raw, rustic, and modest appeal. These kitchens are a perfect example of comfortable, modest kitchens that are also super functional. You will see a lot of contemporary concepts in these kitchens like wide sinks, open shelving, classic kitchen floor tiles, and wider islands. Most of these kitchens carry a very earthy colour palette to represent themselves well as country kitchens, but again, it is completely at the discretion of the homeowner and his choice of colour palette.


When you think of a traditional kitchen, your mind may wander in the memory lane of baking cookies in the kitchen during Christmas or frying some Indian snacks during the festive season of Diwali. Think of it as one of those quaint kitchens you picture in a small town, where a lot of cooking takes place throughout. These kitchens represent timelessness and you may see a lot of wooden cabinets and shelves. Traditional kitchens would have tremendous storage space because of it being a busy kitchen. You may also find a lot of vintage utensils and cutlery that have been passed down over generations- stone mortar and pestle, stone cookware, cast iron pots, and pans would be found in these kitchens. It would be like the time machine taking you back in the day in your ancestral kitchens!


Another great option is that of a transitional kitchen. Mixing traditional and contemporary design concepts and picking out your favourite parts from them both to create a kitchen style that is your own. It is best described as the one where classic meets contemporary. With this concept, you get the best of both worlds. You can have clean and minimal designs and yet have elements that create the warmth of a traditional kitchen. This design concept is great where members of the house come from different generations, so each one can have their comfortable spots in the kitchen. This is also great for those who appreciate heritage and modernity at the same time.


When we think of rustic, we may resonate with plenty of wood, raw brick walls, distressed, unfinished or even rough. When you enter a rustic kitchen, the raw, unfinished touches of the kitchen will start to grow on you. You will also love the ample wooden cabinets and storage that would be built around the kitchen. The interesting details like distressed walls, unpolished and textured stone countertops, and islands, and open shelves will make you find beauty in imperfection. The design of a rustic kitchen is supposed to be very simple, yet sturdy and functional enough.


For those who have never visited any industrial kitchens before, there is no doubt that these kitchens are made with a specific objective, which is that it is less of a kitchen and more of a food lab where dishes are prepared and served to consumers at large. Voluminous amounts of cooking take place in an industrial kitchen and it is supposed to be the busiest kitchen of all. An industrial kitchen doesn’t see any niche and intricate decor. It is constructed to be extremely functional. The usual colour palette of an industrial kitchen would be neutral shades of grey, brown, black, and white, with plenty of concrete, open spaces, and lots of exposed features. This is one kitchen design that prioritises functionality over form. The decor is super simple and the designs are understated.


When you hear the word craftsman, there are striking images of perfection, archaic and exquisite creations. The craftsman style caught speed in the early 20th century when too much weightage was given to Victorian-style furniture and decor designs. There is no denying that those designs don’t fail to charm us even today! A craftsman kitchen will be a simply built kitchen with good quality cabinetry and minimal accentuation, all of which is not hectic and overdone. This style is perfect for those of you who love to build your own designs but tastefully. Again, grave importance is given to wood being used in these kitchens for it to look like it has been ‘crafted’.


Remodelling a kitchen is not the bigger challenge. The big mystery to solve is to truly understand your personality and what you aspire to build as a kitchen design for yourself.

While a kitchen can be updated, the style that you choose will be the foundation for all future changes. That is the reason why you should take all the time you need and be absolutely certain of the choices you make. The choices you make should also be in synonymy with other factors like the structure of your house, the space assigned to the kitchen, the probable expansion you can make if need be in the kitchen, and most importantly, your budget. Your kitchen is an investment so you want it to be right and you want it to last. It is very crucial that you plan your kitchen makeover on a budget.

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