80 Bunk Bed Designs for all your needs!

Bunk Bed Designs you will love

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Bunk bed with railings

Bunk beds have evolved beyond their utilitarian origins to become stylish and space-saving furniture solutions that cater to various needs and preferences. From maximizing room space to creating unique designs that reflect personal taste, bunk beds offer a world of possibilities. In this article, we’ll explore 80 famous bunk bed designs that showcase creativity, functionality, and innovation.

1. Classic Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

80 Bunk Bed Designs for all your needs!

A timeless design featuring two twin-sized beds stacked on top of each other. This simple yet practical layout is a staple in kids’ rooms. It also works great for small spaces, as it maximizes the floor space without taking up too much room. With a sturdy frame and an array of vibrant fabric colors to choose from, this bunk bed is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

2. L-Shaped Bunk Bed

80 Bunk Bed Designs for all your needs!

L-shaped bunk beds take advantage of two perpendicular beds to maximize room layout, making them ideal for corners. You can add extra beds and create a lively environment in any room or playroom with an L-shaped bunk bed. Additionally, the distinctive shape of L-shaped bunk beds enables extra storage space beneath the bottom bed frame.

3. Triple Bunk Bed

80 Bunk Bed Designs for all your needs!

The triple bunk bed stacks three beds vertically to conserve space without compromising comfort, making it ideal for large families or shared bedrooms. The triple bunk bed is made of durable pine wood and has a timeless design that will add elegance and adaptability to any bedroom. The bottom bed has an accessible ladder that makes getting in and out of bed a pleasure, while the top two beds have safety guardrails for added security and peace of mind.

4. Loft Bed with Desk

80 Bunk Bed Designs for all your needs!

This design creates a snug study nook with a lofted bed over a built-in desk, making it a clever solution for small bedrooms. The desk is integrated beneath the bed, which has a robust wood and metal frame. The layout provides a generous amount of storage space beneath the bed, which is ideal for hiding away clothes, books, and other stuff. With this layout, you have a convenient working and cozy sleeping room in one!

5. Futon Bunk Bed

80 Bunk Bed Designs for all your needs!

Futon bunk beds combine sleeping and sitting by providing a sofa and a bed in one piece, making them ideal for rooms with many uses. Since they provide two beds in the same space as a single bed, they’re also the perfect choice for sleepovers or hosting visitors.

6. Trundle Bunk Bed

80 Bunk Bed Designs for all your needs!

Trundle bunk beds are ideal for sleepovers and visitors since they have an additional bed that slides out from underneath. Any room may be made more pleasant by having an extra bed ready and waiting for use. Additionally, they look fantastic in any bedroom, including kid’s rooms and guest bedrooms! Trundle bunk beds provide plenty of storage choices in addition to the convenience of accommodating two sleepers.

7. Castle Bunk Bed

80 Bunk Bed Designs for all your needs!

These beds, which resemble castles, are a child’s dream come true and add whimsy to the bedroom. You can pick one that is ideal for your child because they are available in several colors and styles. The beds have amusing details like turrets, drawbridges, and windows with curtains. With these beds, kids may discover fantastical worlds and make treasured memories as they sleep.

8. Treehouse Bunk Bed

Channeling the magic of a treehouse, this design adds an element of adventure and imagination to children’s bedrooms. The unique design of this bunk bed is sure to create a space that kids will love. With sturdy construction and multiple color options, it’s the perfect way to create the perfect treehouse-inspired bedroom. Perfect for sleepovers or just a cozy spot to relax, this bunk bed offers a unique design with plenty of room for fun and imagination.

9. Modern Metal Bunk Bed

Modern metal bunk beds are sleek and understated, maximizing space while providing an industrial feel. Due to the optimum use of vertical space, these beds are ideal for people with little available floor space. Modern metal bunk beds are available in a range of sizes to fit both kids and adults. You can be sure that these beds will survive regular wear and tear because of the strong metallic construction, which guarantees long-term endurance.

10. Rustic Wooden Bunk Bed

Rustic Wooden Bunk Beds bring warmth and charm to any room with their cozy, cabin-like vibe. They are made to last and have a robust frame made of long-lasting, high-quality wood. The rustic wooden bunk bed is ideal for any bedroom or guest room because of its straightforward yet fashionable appearance.

11. Boat-shaped Bunk Bed

Boat-shaped bunk beds provide a fun and distinctive sleeping experience, making them ideal for rooms with nautical themes. Whether you choose a single bed, double bunks, or any mix of the two, the distinctive design allows for imaginative sleeping arrangements. Additionally, they typically save space as well! These beds are available in vivid hues like yellow, blue, and red and can be made of several materials.

12. Floating Bunk Bed

Toto achieve a suspended appearance, floating bunk beds are fastened to the wall in tiny spaces. Also ideal for siblings with various bedtimes is how easily the beds can be divided.

13. Circular Bunk Bed

In contrast to conventional rectangular designs, circular bunk beds offer a unique and alluring appearance. In addition, the spherical form offers a greater sleeping area than conventional bunk beds. They work well in offices.

14. Quadruple Bunk Bed

Quadruple bunk beds improve sleeping capacity without sacrificing comfort, making them ideal for dormitories or large shared rooms. Quad bunk beds have two extra levels so that four people can sleep in the same area. Children and adults may easily access the built-in ladders and safety rails, offering a secure sleeping environment. Quadruple bunk beds can be an excellent way to reunite the family and strengthen bonds among them, in addition to saving space.

15. Bookshelf Bunk Bed

Bookshelf bunk beds have built-in shelves for books, decorations, and personal stuff. They combine storage with sleeping space. They are the perfect option for folks who want to maximize their space without compromising on elegance or functionality. They not only look fantastic, but they also offer additional space for storing clothing, toys, or other goods.

16. Slide Bunk Bed

80 Bunk Bed Designs for all your needs!

These bunk beds provide an element of excitement and adventure for kids by including a slide that descends from the top bunk to the floor. They also give parents who need to fit two beds in a room a space-saving option. Since bunk beds have a low profile, they can easily be employed in compact spaces. Additionally, the top bunk is made for kids who are not 6 feet tall. This guarantees safety while still enabling lots of enjoyment and excitement.

17. Storage Staircase Bunk Bed

This design gives more storage while leading to the top bunk by using the staircase as drawers. The staircase includes a built-in handrail for security and is made of wood to match the bunk beds. It is the perfect place to store stuff like toys, books, blankets, clothes, and more because it offers storage compartments that are simple to access with two shelves in each step.

18. Playhouse Bunk Bed

Playhouse bunk beds have enclosed top bunks with windows, doors, and even miniature balconies that turn sleeping into playing. Kids may securely explore their ideas as they drift off to sleep thanks to the guardrails and ladders that are integrated right into the structure for enhanced safety.

19. Camper Van Bunk Bed

Camper van bunk beds are ideal for adventure seekers because they resemble a comfortable mobile home. These mattresses provide comfort and convenience, whether you’re taking a road trip or simply want to upgrade your living area. They maximize the amount of room for storage and sleeping by fitting neatly into any size car thanks to their distinctive design.

20. Industrial Pipe Bunk Bed

These bunk beds include metal pipes and fittings for a tough design, giving them a distinctive industrial look. Your children can easily access the upper bunk thanks to the accompanying ladder and railing, which also keep them safe. This is the ideal complement to any child’s bedroom because it has plenty of storage space underneath.

21. Beach-Themed Bunk Beds

These bunk beds give bedrooms a seaside air and a relaxing vibe thanks to their beach-themed decor and seashell-inspired colors. They are ideal for both children and teenagers because of their robust frames and plush mattresses. These bunk beds are sure to add a beachy beauty to any room, whether they are used as a regular bedroom set or a guest bed on occasion. They will endure because of their adaptable style.

22. Pod-Style Bunk Beds

Pod-style bunk beds, which draw inspiration from futuristic designs, separate each occupant into their sleeping pod, providing seclusion and a sense of personal space. Because they can be placed in any way to fit the size or shape of your room, these beds are ideal for tiny areas.

23. Bunk Beds with Curtains

Each bunk may feel more private by having curtains or canopies, which makes them ideal for shared rooms. Bunk beds with curtains have the potential to become a cozy and comfortable place for studying or sleeping with the proper accents.

24. Built-In Bunk Beds

Built-in bunk beds are frequently specially made to fit inside alcoves or corners in the room, maximizing space utilization. Those who need several beds but don’t have enough room in their bedrooms will especially benefit from this alternative.

25. Fold Away Bunk Bed

The best way to maximize space in a tiny bedroom is with a fold-away bunk bed. It has a lot of storage space and can be used as either a giant double bed or two single beds. Its contemporary and useful design makes it ideal for any home. You may have the best of both worlds with fold-away bunk beds: plenty of sleeping space when needed without taking up a lot of space in your house.

26. Tree Ladder Bunk Bed

The impressive tree trunk ladder bunk bed is the ideal blend of contemporary appearance and imaginative design, and the ladder definitely adds a magical element to it. I would enjoy it if I were five. To ascend the ladder every night would be exciting.

27. Waterwheel Bunk Bed

The Waterwheel Bunk Bed is the ideal addition to any kid’s room. This unusual bunk bed has a waterwheel design that gives your child’s room a colorful, whimsical touch. It can be quickly and easily put together in a matter of minutes without the need for tools or hardware, and it features two bunks with guardrails for safety.

28. Big Brass Bunk Bed

A large bed on the ground level and massive brass bunk beds constructed up into the semi-vaulted ceilings were all features intended for a young family.

29. Tetris Block Bunk Bed

Tetris Block Bunk Beds are modular, entertaining designs inspired by the Tetris video game. These bunk beds provide you with creative freedom when it comes to creating your bedroom because there is plenty of space for storage underneath the bed and optional add-ons like guard railings.

30. Gaming Bunk Bed

Gaming bunk beds have game stations with integrated consoles and monitors. These bunk beds are not just fantastic for bedrooms; they can also be used in recreation areas and even on college campuses. Gaming bunk beds allow you to maximize both enjoyment and utility thanks to their compact form.

31. Curved Bunk Bed

Curved bunk beds give the room organic lines and curves that add a special touch. They are incredibly cozy and make the most of the available space in the room. Their special design allows two people to sleep in them without taking up much more room than a single bed would.

32. Bunk Bed with Built-In Drawers

A bunk bed with Built-In Drawers utilizes the under-bed space for storage drawers. It expands storage without reducing floor space. Each drawer pulls open to reveal storage space for clothes, books, toys, and other stuff. A straightforward pull lever that opens the drawer and shows its whole contents makes the drawers simple to use. This bunk bed has a striking style that would look fantastic in any space.

33. Bunk Bed with Stairs and Storage

For increased functionality, bunk beds with stairs and storage incorporate both elements. They provide a fantastic way to maximize space in compact spaces and are a perfect option for children’s bedrooms. Children can typically climb up and down the top bunk of bunk beds with stairs more easily and safely thanks to the built-in steps.

34. Bunk Bed with Built-In Desks

Bunk beds with Built-In Desks create a dedicated study area underneath the top bunk. Children, teenagers, or college students who lack room but require a place to work and study can greatly benefit from this kind of bed. The desk has built-in drawers to help you organize your workstation as you study.

35. Bunk Beds with Closet Space

Bunk beds with closet space include built-in storage areas for clothing and other items. Kids and teenagers can keep everything organized in one location with a bunk bed with closet space. This facilitates finding stuff without giving the impression that the room is cluttered. Additionally, because the beds take up less wall space, it won’t feel crowded around them.

36. Japanese-Inspired Bunk Beds

Low-profile bunk beds with Asian designs are called Japanese-Inspired Bunk Beds. These bunk beds are made to make the most of available space while offering cozy sleeping options for people who live in small, urban settings. Japanese-Inspired Bunk Beds will add a contemporary feel to any bedroom with their simple design and straight lines.

37. Monochrome Bunk Beds

For compact areas, the Monochrome Bunk Bed is a fantastic option. It will give any bedroom a fashionable touch with its sleek, contemporary design. Each person has their place in the bed that may sleep two people, and the top bunk is ideal for a visitor or young child. The ladder also makes it simple to get up and down.

38. Rainbow Bunk Bed

Bright colors and uplifting energy are embraced in rainbow-themed bunk beds. Rainbow bunk beds are ideal for kids who want something different or for siblings who share a room because they are made of sturdy materials and have brilliant colors that will last through childhood. Your youngster may make their bedroom as cheery and colorful as they like with rainbow bunk beds!

39. Racing Car Bunk Bed

The best bunk bed for your child’s bedroom is a race car bunk bed, so don’t look any further. Any child who likes automobiles or simply wants a different look in their room will adore this sleek and amusing bunk bed. This bunk bed will add more excitement to any room with its modern style and vibrant colors.

40. Corner Bunk Beds

To make the most of the space in your child’s bedroom, consider a corner bunk bed. Multiple kids may sleep in the same room without feeling cramped because of the inventive design, which separates the sleeping regions into two areas. It also includes a ton of storage below to keep all of their possessions nice and organized, saving you money on buying separate mattresses for each child.

41. Bunk Bed inside a wardrobe

A bunk bed inside a wardrobe is a creative and original design that would be ideal for a bedroom with little space. A bunk bed inside a closet is a practical way to maximize the small amount of space in your bedroom. You can walk about in the little space because the wardrobe serves as an enclosure that helps generate privacy.

42. Enchanted Forest Bunk Bed

In your very own bunk bed in an enchanted woodland, you can rest like a princess. This amazing bed’s sturdy wood construction and exquisite carvings will make you feel like a king or queen. For added sleeping comfort, it has two tall headboards and footboards. It is now even simpler to access the top bunk thanks to the accessibility features of the stairway going up to it.

43. Glow-in-the-Dark Bunks

Bunks that glow in the dark! Are you serious? This is the ideal technique, whether you’re a child or an adult, to differentiate your bedroom from the rest. With Glow-in-the-Dark Bunks, you can create a distinctive evening ambiance in your bedroom that is not only entertaining but also advantageous for people who have trouble falling asleep because they are sensitive to light and noise.

44. Winter cabin Bunk Bed

Winter cabin bunk beds are a terrific way to maximize the space in your cabin and offer comfort during the chilly winter months. These beds are strong enough to survive hard conditions because they are constructed with a combination of conventional wood and contemporary metal elements. The top bunk bed can be used for storage or as an additional seating area, while the bottom bunk bed can be used as a sleeping area.

45. Adventure Tent Bunk Bed

Families that enjoy exploring the great outdoors may find the Adventure Tent Bunk Beds to be the ideal choice. The bunk beds have a lightweight frame that makes them portable and simple to erect in any distant place. They also offer enough room for two people and two kids to sleep comfortably.

46. Nuatical rope ladder Bunk Bed

Since ancient times, nautical rope bunk bed ladders have been used to climb vessels and ships. These ladders are still a popular option for seagoing vessels today thanks to their durable construction and dependable design. Natural fibers like hemp, jute, or manila are frequently used to create nautical rope bunk bed ladders.

47. Bunk bed with tent

This type of bunk bed has a tent attached to it. It is a great way for kids to have their own private space, and it is also a great way for them to play pretend. The tent can be made out of different types of fabric and come in many colors. It is also a great way to provide extra storage space for toys and other items. With this type of bunk bed, kids will have an imaginative play area that will keep them busy for hours on end!

48. Bunk bed with reading light

This bunk bed has a reading light built into the top bunk. This is a great way for kids to read before bed without disturbing their siblings. The light is adjustable and can be moved around the bunk bed, so it’s easy to direct light wherever you need it.

49. Loft Bunk Bed with Lounging Space

A loft bunk bed can provide the perfect solution for creating a multifunctional oasis. Not only does it provide extra sleeping space, but the area beneath the bed can be transformed into a comfortable lounging area for relaxation. Whether you need a cozy spot to read your favorite book or just lay down and relax, this setup provides an ideal space for both activities.

50. Loft Bunk Bed with Canopy

The ideal addition to your child’s bedroom is a loft bunk bed with a canopy. A canopy bed, a slide, and lots of storage room for books and toys are all part of its distinctive design. To prevent injuries when climbing or playing on the upper bunk, the bed also has various safety protections.

51. French Chalk Wash Bunk Bed

The French Chalk Wash Bunk Bed is a bunk bed that comes with everything you need. Two twin beds, two guard rails, and a ladder are included, allowing for simple access to the upper bed. The finish is a powder-coated white French Chalk Wash, giving it a distinctive, vibrant appearance that is likely to complement the design of your kids’ bedrooms. With its cutting-edge and current style.

52. Gothic-Inspired Bunk Bed

Your bedroom will become an opulent refuge thanks to the Gothic-Inspired bunk bed. Any space will stand out because of the dramatic touch of drama added by the beautiful wrought iron details. This bunk bed will survive for years due to its sturdy wood construction and long-lasting durability. Additionally, the chic black finish gives it a contemporary edge that is ideal.

53. Modern Farmhouse Bunk Bed

Any child’s room would benefit from this contemporary farmhouse bunk bed. It guarantees that your child will sleep soundly at night because it is made of robust pine wood and a steel frame. The bed has a sleek, contemporary appearance thanks to its white finish, which goes well with any room’s decor.

54. Man Barn Bunk Bed

The Man Barn Bunk Bed is a special type of bunk bed that was designed to offer lots of space for storage, comfort, and aesthetics. With two twin beds placed on top of one another, the Man Barn Bunk Bed has a modern appearance. At the bottom of the design, four drawers provide additional storage space.

55. Coastal Living Bunk Bed

The coastal living bunk bed is the ideal option for a chic and contemporary bedroom. It gives any area a classic appearance with its simple lines and gentle curves. The bunk bed is constructed from solid wood and has a rustic finish.

56. Wolf Creek Ranch Bunk Bed

The Wolf Creek Ranch bunk bed Series works well in any space. The beds are made of solid pine and are made to withstand years of continuous use. The beds have a classic style that complements practically any bedroom.

57. Lake Keowee Bunk Bed

The Lake Keowee Bunk Bed is the ideal option for your teenager’s or guest’s room. This bunk bed enhances the elegance of any environment with its conventional wood grain finish and straightforward, timeless design. The sturdy construction offers maximum durability, and using the accompanying ladder to access the upper bed is simple.

58. Loft Bunk Bed with Desk

The Loft Bunk Bed with Desk is the ideal bedroom space-saving option. This all-in-one piece of bedroom furniture combines a bed and a desk, allowing you to make the most of your available space. It has a strong pine wood structure, a full-length guard rail on top for added safety, and an accessible ladder for climbing and descending.

59. Upholstered Bunk Bed

The Upholstered Bunk Bed is a chic and cozy solution to make the most of your space. It has a connected ladder for simple access to the upper bunk and an upholstered panel headboard with faux leather accents. For siblings or overnight visitors, the bottom bunk’s flip-up trundle, which can be used for storage or additional sleeping space, is ideal.

60. Kids’ Oasis Bunk Bed

Any house needs to have a Kids’ Oasis Bunk Bed. This chic, well-built bunk bed will undoubtedly take center stage in their room. Your kids will love the extra space for sleepovers, storage, and playtime together. The Kids’ Oasis Bunk Bed has a full-size bed on the bottom and two twin beds on top, along with a trundle drawer for additional storage.

61. Classic bunk bed

This is the traditional bunk bed design, with a top bunk and a bottom bunk. It is a good option for two boys who share a room. The ladder is easy to use, and the bed is made of sturdy wood, so it will last a long time. There are two guardrails on either side for added safety. This bunk bed is also great for sleepovers; there’s plenty of room for friends to stay over!

62. Music Studio Queen Loft Bunk Bed

Introducing the Music Studio Bunk Bed, a ground-breaking tool for both musicians and music producers. With the help of this bunk bed, it is possible to create a private recording studio and a comfortable resting area in the same room.

63. Bunk bed with the superhero theme

Superhero bunk beds are ideal for fostering a sense of wonder and adventure in any child’s room! It is made of solid pine wood and has a fun superhero design with hand-painted characters, vibrant colors, and sturdy construction to ensure that the bed lasts for many years of play.

64. Sports-themed Bunk Bed

The sports-themed bunk bed is ideal for the die-hard sports enthusiast in your life because of its sports-themed design. Each side has its ladder for simple access to the top bunk, and the frame is made of solid pine with a warm walnut finish.

65. Monkey Bar Bunk Bed

The monkey bar bunk bed has two levels and is perfect for kids to share a room. The lower bed can be used as a sofa during the day and then transformed into a bunk bed at night. There are shelves underneath that provide plenty of storage for pillows and blankets. Additionally, the ladder makes it simple for kids to get in. They can enjoy themselves as well as sleep peacefully.

66. Dinosaur Expedition Bunk Bed

If your child loves dinosaurs, the Dinosaur Expedition Bunk Bed is a terrific birthday present. The beds are a wonderful alternative for your developing child because they are appropriate for kids ages 3 to 12. The built-in ladder also makes the ascent more enjoyable.

67. Fire Truck Bunk Bed

The Fire Truck Bunk Bed will add some excitement to your child’s bedroom. This special bed is made to resemble a vintage fire engine, complete with brilliant red paint and functional headlights, in the traditional Freightliner style. Additionally, it has two full-size beds on either side, which makes it ideal for siblings sharing a room.

68. Bunk Beds in Vintage Style

Bunk beds made of wood have a classic appeal. In a space decorated in classic style, these beds might be the center of attention. Even better, you can make it a do-it-yourself project by remodeling outdated wood furniture and adding additional floor space to your house.

69. Adult Bunk Bed with Walk-in Closet

This stylish adult bunk bed is a great space-saver for any room. The upper and lower beds have plenty of storage with built-in drawers, cubbies, and shelves. Plus, the convenient walk-in closet offers even more space for clothing and other items.

70. Nautical -Style Bunk Bed

If you can’t live close to the ocean, you can always bring the beach inside. These practical yet entertaining bunk bed ideas might make you feel as though you were living by the sea. You may give your room a nautical atmosphere with the correct décor pieces.

71. Pirate Ship Bunk Bed

For your children, the pirate ship bunk bed is the ideal bed. It is charming and classy. Imagination may sail the seven seas with a bunk bed decorated like a pirate ship. For a swashbuckling adventure, add sails, a crow’s nest, and secret storage spaces.

72. Bunk Beds with Mini Stairecase

To give your children’s room a cozy feel, consider choosing bunk bed designs that are specially made with small staircases. To give your kids more room to play on the floor, you may also install a little stairway with built-in drawers for toys, clothing, linens, and other items. If your children invite their friends over for sleepovers, double bunk beds can easily accommodate more children.

73. Bunk Bed with Stairs and Slide

Not everything can be boiled down to compactness and cost-saving concerns. Particularly young children will reject boring furnishings. Why not add a fun and distinctive twist to their bunk beds? To modernize the area, a traditional bunk bed can be given a stairway and a slide.

74. Bunk Beds with Eye-Catching Railings

Any bunk bed can stand out with the addition of an elaborate or simple yet stylish handrail. In addition to providing a safety net and preventing you or the kids from falling, it also elevates the design’s aesthetic. Any conventional bunk bed design can be modernized by including railings that are carved or have simple lines. Choose designs with a metallic finish if you prefer ultra-hip styles, or choose ones carved from wood for an aged appearance.

75. Bunk Bed Designs with Two Study Tables

These bunk bed designs can be the perfect space-saving home option if you’re seeking a designated area for working or studying. It is less expensive to have a bunk bed and two study tables because you won’t need to buy any more furniture. Additionally, these pieces of furniture allow you to make the best use of the space in a room, so you don’t have to cram it.

76. L-shaped bunk bed with wardrobe

This unusual style is ideal for bedrooms with more space. Due to the L-shape of the bunk bed, there is a distinct sleeping area and play area. The wardrobe is both practical and fashionable because it is situated in the L’s corner.

77. Novelty Bunk Bed

Any bunk bed that is based on a whimsical motif is considered to be in the novelty style. There are intricate, painstakingly built novelty beds in sports, fantasy, doll, and even playhouse styles. Here’s an illustration of a bed with a treehouse theme, complete with storage cubbies and a miniature roof.

78. Country-Style Bunk Bed

This aesthetic evokes a sense of old-fashioned country living that might fit in well at a cottage or mountain retreat. As opposed to the hard, rough style, it has a more delicate, filigreed appearance.

79. Industrial Bunk Bed

The industrial design uses metal and wood to create a hard-edged, durable construction that reflects the purpose-built appearance and feel of production tools.

80. Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with 2 Storage Drawers

In this, the lower bed is full-sized and the upper bed is single-sized. and also has drawers for storage purposes. It is perfect if you want your kids to sleep nearby.

As these 80 designs illustrate, bunk bed designs have evolved far beyond their basic form, embracing creativity, functionality, and diverse themes. Whether you’re looking to optimize space in a small room or seek to add a touch of fantasy to your living spaces, these bunk bed designs offer a world of possibilities for every taste and preference.

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