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During these pandemic times, our only source for outdoors is our balcony and so we have to get the best furniture to make the best of it and so here are some furniture ideas for a dream balcony :


If you ask me to dream about my perfect balcony, this is exactly what I would dream about. For sure this seems a little too out of my league but if you do have a spacious balcony, there is no better way to furnish it. All my movie lovers, this must be heaven for you, big screen, cozy and comfortable seating, mesmerizing lights, and of course the beautiful view and joy of outdoor open space! You can’t tell me you didn’t just picture yourself here. You could decorate it with candles, rugs, small tables, and floor lamps for that dim romantic light. It’s like getting yourself a piece of heaven on earth. 


If you are a workaholic who sleeps and wakes up with your laptop, or even if you are someone who works from home, your balcony would be the perfect spot for this workstation. The furniture is so simple yet so effective. Just set up a railing hanging table and a seating that’s best suitable for you, voila! You are all set to crush those goals. But don’t forget to take a break and enjoy the view maybe with a glass of wine. FURNITURE IDEAS FOR DREAM BALCONY


Use the balcony as traditionally used, to nurture and grow your plants. You can still play with your décor, by finding creative ways to place your plants so that they are beautifully arranged and at the same time placed considering functionality and practicality for you to take proper care of them. You can also add a patio chair and some good lighting to enjoy the company of your plants and relax on your balcony. FURNITURE IDEAS FOR DREAM BALCONY


A bibliophile is someone who is a sucker for books, meaning a bookworm. Are you bibliophiles trying to find a space where you can quietly enjoy reading? Somewhere where people don’t tell you to shut the lights and let them sleep? A comfortable place where you can sit for hours indulging in your novels? Well, your balcony is the perfect reading nook you are dying for! Just by putting in a wicker egg chair with some bulbs all around it accompanied by throw pillows and blankets to get you cozier in your nook. You can add rugs, lamps, plants, poufs, etc. Anything that makes that nook more comfortable for you. 



Our generation is obsessed with Netflix, we binge-watch series and movies for hours and hours day in and out sitting inside the four walls, which honestly has started to feel a little claustrophobic. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with binge-watching, it’s just the thought of sitting indoors for so many hours that drives me a little crazy. If you feel the same, let’s take it outdoors? This balcony is so perfect for Netflix and chill, you can come here alone or with your partner and binge-watch for hours while enjoying the fresh air, cuddling up on the couch and you can also take a break read a book, enjoy some food, and a glass of wine on the foldable chair and table. 



Don’t we all want to rewind with our friends on the weekends with some drinks after a long working week? If you love to host these small get-togethers and you don’t want to clean up your whole house after every weekend, take the party to the patio. You can get this mini open bar style furniture fixed and the lovely sofa seating and you have got yourself a lovely little chill-out bar. Be the host, bartender, entertainer, and unwind, and get to ease the pain of Monday blues with some martinis. 


Are you a baby momma and baby daddy? Do you feel the pain when your kid ruins the wallpaper or color but can’t get angry because that’s just what kids do right? Well, you should give a try to this playpen patio wherein your child can explore themselves, play, fall, color whatever they want, enjoy all their toys at once, have an outdoor tent experience, all the while being safe and secure in front of your eyes. Children do need a dedicated area for themselves and even though indoor playpens are good, but these patio playpens are just so much better and fuss-free and you don’t have to worry about cleaning everything throughout the day. 


If you like to be by the waterfalls, the calmness of it all, and the meditative zone, you should consider adding small waterfall fixtures in your balcony along with low seating to give you the experience of that Asian Zen vibes where you can indulge in the calm meditative state while listening to the waterfall and teleport your mind to a beautiful place in nature to find the mental peace and break from the fast life of the city. 


If all you have got is a good size window instead of a whole patio, do not sweat we have got you too. Arranging a floating table with some stool seating on the window sill will help you experience the outdoors a little more intimately and adding the low seating sofa to create more space connected to outdoors plus using bright colors to reflect and bounce the natural light can make the space feel bigger and more like a patio than just having a window. 


Do you really even love your pet if you don’t build them a small house of their own in your house? So, all the pet lovers who want to go above and beyond to show their pets how much they love them and make them feel like a part of their family, you should really build them, a house on your patio or at least a little playpen where you can watch them play and spend dedicated quality time with them. You can install a house according to the pet you own or another type of toys or games that you think you can carry out there and also some comfortable seating for you so you can sit there with them, it can be a space where they know your full attention is towards them and you can connect more. 


Does your inner child still imagine you making this sound every time you pass by a swing? Would you still like to experience the joy of swinging even though you are an adult now? Well, do not try to silence that voice and go get yourself a balcony swing, and make that noise again. Take a little bit of your childhood with you. You might want to make it more comfortable but that’s no problem. Enjoying the view from your balcony while swinging on your swing just don’t push too hard forgetting you are on your balcony. You can add more plants around the swing or add a shelf to store some things. 


We are living in the corona season and even though everything might be getting better, we have gotten lazy. We have developed a habit of staying in rather than going out. But who says staying in has to be boring? Get yourself a takeout and DINE IN on your balcony around this minimalist modern dining table outdoors that will make you feel as good as going out. Burn some candles and make it a romantic candlelight dinner. 


Do you have a problem with the small sizes of apartments that we get nowadays and as a result, you are not able to enjoy your balcony because it basically gets converted into a storeroom? That problem can be fixed easier than you can imagine. Installing these balcony storage benches will solve your storage problems and will also let you enjoy your outdoor space without any compromise. Throw some pillows and blankets to make it for comfort and enjoy your morning cut of coffee here or just sit and chat with your close ones in the open space. 


As someone who is not a morning person, it can be quite daunting when people start putting work on you or even just chat with you in the morning before you even got a chance to have your morning coffee. So, to prevent yourself from being grumpy every morning just put up a coffee station on your balcony so you can have your first cup of coffee in the morning without having to leave the room so that you are awakened for the day ahead also with a good mood! 


It’s really difficult to hit the gym every four to five times a week with all the work stress and other responsibilities we just can’t shake off, so to the fitness freaks, this is your savior. Get your dumbbells and workout gear to crush those workout goals without having to go to the gym. You can set your treadmill or any other cardio machine you want in your balcony along with these floating shelves to carry your weights along with other gear. Fitness freaks know better than to make excuses. So, get off your butts and start doing those squats.  

These were our 20 different furniture ideas for your dream balcony. Make sure to come back for more!

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