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The way you dress your windows can make or break a room scheme. No matter how striking a room is, it will never look complete until your window treatments are in place. Here are 20 different curtain ideas for the master bedroom:


One of the most criticized practices in regards to doing window treatments is mix and match. One is always advised to match your curtains to make your room look unified and put together, but where’s the fun in that? We agree that the mix and match concept is a little foreign to many but not as risky. All we need to nail this concept is to research our patterns, colors, texture, style, etc, and find the right pick for us. But if you still feel a little overwhelmed you do not need to worry, all you have to do is get yourself a double pipe combination of sheer and thick. We promise you can never go wrong with that.​


We agree it isn’t for everyone but for those who love themselves a canopy bed in their huge master bedrooms would love having sheer curtains all around them making them feel like the royalty they are. Canopy beds are intended to conserve warmth and offer privacy, but they are incomplete without its corona. Using sheer drapes for your corona will not only help you maintain a little privacy and warmth but also make the room feel very romantic and roomy.


While good room-darkening curtains will block most light at night but are less effective during the day, so for our light sleepers who do not want to be disturbed by even one ray of light, blackout curtains are your best friend. True blackout curtains and shades, when installed properly, will block all light, even daylight.



A single rod can be used to layer curtains with the help of curtain rings with clips. The three different types of layers you can use are Sheers and drapes, shades and curtains, curtains and valances, or cornices. The key to getting the best layers is choosing the right combination for you in addition to installing proper hardware.


Color blocking uses a band of color at the bottom of a neutral shaded curtain in a subtle way which helps to anchor the room. If you want your curtains to make a bolder statement you could experiment with broad stripes. Which color do you use, will reflect your personality and tastes. You can use two or more colors to design your color-blocked curtains.


Even though the gypsy bohemian curtains won’t look so appropriate for a master bedroom, the natural bohemian curtains will add an exotic element to your room. If you are someone who believes in living an unconventional lifestyle and want something unique that stands out, boho is the right way for you.


The soft and snuggly texture of velvet curtains gives your room a feel and look of luxury, elegance, and style. If you want a timeless look then velvets are the perfect home décor choice because this is the one fabric that hasn’t gone out of fashion in years and will still be high in demand for many years to come. Also if you are obsessed with victorian style but don’t want anything overpowering velvet curtains can add that little hint for you without making it too mainstream.


For all our environmental and sustainability-conscious people out there, it can be quite challenging to find the right materials that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and at the same time stylish. Well, linen has got your back! Curtains are an integral part of sustainable homes. They are trendy, stylish, organic, and most importantly have a lot of versatile patterns colors, and styles so that you don’t have to compromise for taking care of your planet home.


Watercolor curtains can be anything and everything you want. It is the most versatile of all of them. You can have any style when you choose watercolor curtains ranging from floral, boho, blackout, to anything abstract. One more exciting thing about watercolor curtains is if you love to have a personal touch to your home décor and you love DIY projects, it will suit you the best.


Spirit drapes offer a geometric woven applique on a beautiful sheer cloth. Someone who loves the morning kiss of sunlight and does not want to be wakened up in total blackout, spirit sheer is the perfect fit to give you privacy yet letting some of the sunlight in to wake you up in the best way possible.


There are three types of texture in curtains; visual, tactile, and amplitude. When it comes to textured curtains the possibilities are ENDLESS. You can get yourself cotton, linen, york, sepia knit textured, or cotton mix foil textured or you can even combine others to get your unique output.


Well not that there’s any need to explain the role floral curtains play in complimenting the décor for your bedroom but let’s do it just for the sake of it.  Floral patterns add life and energy to a room, even if done in bright white on the deep, ebony background. Add floral curtains to a modern room for renewed spirit and vigor. Floral curtains can be made to feel and look more at home in a modern setting than in any other style. It adds a feminine touch to the bedroom to make the place feel more warm and cozy.


 Rod pocket curtains, also called pole top or casement curtains, are a classic, and classy, way to hang drapery. A rod pocket is a sewn-in pocket, or casing, at the top of a curtain panel that easily slips over a rod and conceals it. The main advantage is that no hardware is required to fix the curtain to the rod, so you get a seamless, soft look with clean lines.


Lace swag curtains, also known as swag valances, bring a pretty tapering shape to the top of your window ensemble.  Lace is undeniably elegant and gives a very delicate touch to your dreamy room. Lace curtains make great window treatments as they are sheer and let natural light come through, but have enough intricacies to still provide privacy.


Though they are very informal and not widely used in master bedrooms, we would still like to introduce you to these because to each its own. Top curtains are small strips of fabric attached to the head of the fabric and are used to tie over a curtain rod, holding the curtain in place. An informal look is created and they are used mostly with sheers and lightweight fabrics.


For all, you silk lovers there who are not able to unleash their envisioned look for your master bedrooms because of the durability factor of real silk, do not sweat we have got you covered. As you already know the answer is faux silk.  faux silk doesn’t deteriorate as quickly as real silk but gives exactly the same look and feel like real silk so that you don’t have to hold yourselves back!


A more simple yet very effective trick to add to your décor is using tieback accessories. Curtain holdbacks and tiebacks (also called curtain pullbacks) are accessories that gather and hold curtains open. They give a finishing touch to your curtains and also up your décor game if you use the right accessories to do that. It is a very minute detail that adds a lot to both the functionality and décor.


Ivory window panels add a light breezy feel without detracting from another décor in the room. Ivory tones tend to impart a bit more warmth and softness than their white counterparts. White and ivory are the most popular choices for window treatments – and for good reason! The most versatile neutrals, white and ivory go perfectly with any style of décor, soften the room and add a bit of privacy too. When in doubt ivory will sort it out.


Second-hand or vintage curtains often still have years of use left in them and can be excellent value for money. For our maximalists who believe in going over the top with their décor and breaking all the trend norms, also giving life to such beautiful vintage curtains that still have too much to give. Along with all this, the texture and fabric of vintage curtains are just breathtakingly beautiful. 


For the love birds out there who want to array their romantic nature through their décor, we have something special. The delicate ruffles create a charming look that effortlessly enhances your space with texture, character, and visual appeal, while also maintaining your privacy from passerby traffic. A frothy layer of ruffles will add a romantic flair to your home! Cascading ruffles create a sweet, ethereal feel.​

These were our 20 different curtain ideas for the master bedroom. Make sure to come back for more!

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