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Sofas are the most essential décor and functional part of the living room. It can be a little tricky to style and find the right fit sofa if you have a small living space. We believe the brighter the bigger and hence we’ll be suggesting all the bright colored sofas that you should try for your small living space. Here are some sofa colors for small living room:

Feeling blue? 

 For our minimalists out there, we know you all love your grey walls and all-white minimal furniture. But it never hurt to add a pop of color. All that monochromatic scheme might lead to making you feel a little blue. But with this bold navy-blue sofa your living space will brighten up and also, with the grey wall in the background the navy sofa will stand out. 

Minty Fresh! 

 Mint green sofas go best with white walls. They add freshness to the room and also create a sense of calm and comfort. You can style them with blush pink and printed pillows and comforters as final touches. This minty fresh color is one of the best when it comes to selecting a sofa color for small living rooms.

Let’s go Tan  

For the boho-style living spaces, a tan sofa is your best bet. Tan color warms up the space giving it the boho vibes, also to nail the boho living space, style the sofa with white and cream pillows. 

Happiest with yellow. 

Yellow is considered to be the happiest color of all. Even though it is a little experimental for many, one can style yellow sofa in very different ways to sit their own style. Yellow sofas can be bold for eclectic or retro style living rooms or you can dial it down to suit your muted living rooms. The yellow sofa can immediately add a lot of character and that is why it is a very exciting choice for sofa color in small living rooms.

Fifty shades of grey. 

 For the people out there, who do not wish to experiment and want something that will blend right in, well look no further, you have got fifty shades of grey. A grey will blend in with any and everything. It does give a muted vibe so we’ll have to style it with pop colors and prints or if we want it to be muted, we’ll add some dusty pastel pillows to it. 

Blush it with pink. 

A blush pink sofa can zhush up a place in seconds, giving it a softer and more romantic look. It can be styled with many different colors and patterns depending upon the style of your home. 


 To inculcate a block color scheme to your sofa you can either select a colorful sofa or you can get a muted sofa and style it with colorful pillows and other décor items to get that block colors. This type of color scheme is very flexible and adaptable. 

Bright black. 

 Is there someone who thinks black can’t be bright? To get that bright black you just have to choose the right fabric and texture for the sofa and viola, you will be able to brighten up your place with black. Black might be a dark color but a black sofa color can definitely brighten up a small living room.

Raging red. 

A red sofa alone can be a little difficult to add to a living space, especially a small one. But we have got a trick up our sleeves, we can mix and match to incorporate the red more flawlessly. A yellow single sofa can be combined with a red three-seater with ease.  

 Rustic Orange. 

 A rustic orange sofa will look stunning with light or dark walls. It will stand out from almost any color and you can style it to give either a light muted vibe or dark bold vibe. 

 Oh, Olive! 

Olive sofas can give a fantastic accent to living rooms. The best décor to go with olive green is golden hardware, it gives such a rich and elegant look to the space no matter the size of the room. 

 Cream dream <3 

Cream sofas are literally the chameleons of sofas. It’s just a matter of how you style them, they can be turned to suit any style and concept. It can be as muted as you want or the complete opposite.    

 Wine is fine! 

Wine color or burgundy color sofas can be used to make a statement. Even though being on the darker side it still gives very cozy and bright vibes, but if you find it very dark you can try to mute everything down around it to let it stand out more. 

 Multicolor sofa.

This multicolor sofa is the best blend of all the right colors, on a white base that creates a mesmerizing balance. The similar pillows look really good but you can also exchange them for solid colors to create a little contrast. 

 Stripped from head to toe. 

 Stripped sofas are one of the classics that never go out of style. They have evolved over a long period of time and still look the best. They used to be mostly base white and Colored stripes but nowadays people also like to experiment with the base color. 

 Pastel blue. 

 Pastel blue sofa looks so refreshing and eye-catchy. They are bright, light, and the pastel element gives a more relaxing feeling. Even though this can work with any pastel color, but it won’t give the refreshing feeling of blue. 

 charcoal grey. 

Charcoal grey isn’t a very bright color, but in an industrial style or any dark-themed interiors, a charcoal grey sofa would look like a classic choice and is a great choice for sofa colors for small living room. With the right décor, it can really make a space look huge due to its dark features. 

 Solid sofa, Printed accents. 

Getting a solid sofa and styling it in many different ways based on the accents of the sofa that can be printed or a mix of solid colors, is the best way to go versatile and if you have commitment issues. Bohemian colors. 

 Bohemian colors. 

In order to create a distinctive sofa color for small living rooms, one more trick is to buy just the right size of sofa and then use a bohemian color/print fabric to cover it up to give it a primitive look.  

The classic white. 

We saved the best for the last. A classic white sofa is very similar to a cream sofa but white can do it better than any other color. You don’t even have to worry about styling it the right way, white just goes with the flow, and honestly, no color can brighten up the place like our classic white sofa. 

These were some of our best ideas for you to select the right sofa colors for small living room. Make sure to come back for more!

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