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Cabinets though thought of as a place for storage, play a much more important role in the aesthetic of the living room. Here are some very eye-pleasing and smartly designed cabinet designs for the living room :

Fake built-ins 

Built-in cabinets are very classic and beautiful but it can be a pain to get one custom-made. Nowadays you can create fake built-ins that are just as stunning and look absolutely like original built-ins. You can get ready-made kitchen counters of your liking and create shelves above them and you have got yourself one big built-in cabinet. 

Wall mount cabinets 

Wall mount cabinets are a very elegant and functional type of cabinets that are widely used. The part open and part closed style gives the cabinet a very interesting look and also creates a lot of storage.  

Multi-functional cabinets 

Multi-functional cabinets are the ones that have can be used for a purpose other than just storage, e.g., a cabinet that acts as a divider between the entrance and the main living room and can also be used for storage. 

TV cabinet 

TV cabinets are built around the television in the living room, they are mostly open to store display items with some closed storage for other requirements. They can be placed in many different ways which are very fun to experiment with. 

Niche cabinets 

Do you have some niches in your living space because of the column placements or any other reason and just don’t know what to do with it? Well, creating a cabinet out of them would be a great idea to use the space and also give it some definition. It can be an open, close, or a mix of both according to your needs. 

Farmhouse Cabinets 

Farmhouse style is an interior design style that prioritizes practicality, simplicity, and rustic charm. Farmhouse cabinets though backed by rural structure blends well with the modern elements and create both a cozy and stylish look. 

Hand-carved cabinets. 

 One can find many hand-carved cabinets that are made of strong and durable wood with beautiful carving and finishing. Hand carving designs in all their essence are utilitarian and carefully crafted to enhance the life of the furniture. It can very easily lift the aesthetic of the room. 

Cane door cabinet. 

A stylish wood cabinet with natural wood textures and rattan details, the Cane Two-Door Sideboard takes inspiration from oriental style to create a fabulous piece of furniture for the modern home. It looks very well blended with the rest of the living space and gives a lot of room for storage as well. 

Glass cabinets. 

A glass cabinet or a display case is used in space to display objects for viewing. This cabinet comes with transparent doors, of which materials can vary depending on how strong you want it to be, but for a living space, a glass door cabinet looks the most elegant and refreshing. 

     Open cabinets.  

Open cabinets are so aesthetically pleasing. Even though they are a little hard to maintain from dust, they are so worth it. They can be used for a reading nook in your living space to display your huge collection of books or any other collectibles. 

Built-in office cabinet. 

 Bult in cabinets are cabinets that are fixed on walls or floors. They are used for doing special jobs and are very space-efficient. You can build office space in your living room with the help of a built-in cabinet, which can have a table in the center and selves all around it. 

Wooden oak hybrid cabinet. 

Hybrid cabinets have a mix of open and closed cabinets, that can be partially used to store stuff and also as a display. Wooden oak hybrid cabinet gives a very country, smoldering look to your living space. 

Bar built. 

To many drinkers who want a bar-like place in their home but just can’t make the room for it, build a bar cabinet. Having a cabinet for your liquor gives you a lot of storage in very interesting designs and also creates a dedicated space for you to enjoy your drinks. 

Biophilic Cabinet. 

 Biophilia means love of life. There is no better way to decorate your living space than adding plants to add more life, or maybe a cabinet full of your favorite plants beautifully kept and which is also very functional so that you can take good and proper care of your plants. 

Crockery display cabinet. 

Even though these cabinets are traditionally kept in the kitchen, many now like to put this in their living rooms to beautify them even more. It could also be used in an open kitchen concept; people love to show off their unique crockery and China patterns. 

Small cabinets. 

Sizes don’t smatter when it comes to décor, you can make anything looking stunning if you do it right. Having a small cabinet in your living room can make it look wider, and also look very cute. You do not need to get big, huge cabinets; you choose a cabinet according to your needs. 

Hidden cabinets. 

If you do not want your cabinet to stand out and want something that looks very blended you can build a hidden cabinet, which when closed will look like a plain wall or column but provides you with amply of storage. This is one of our favorite cabinet designs for the living room.

Pop cabinets. 

If you want to add a pop of color in your living room or want to style it in a very bohemian way, you can add colorful cabinets of any shape or size to brighten it up. Colorful cabinets look very fun and attract attention.  

Dressing table cabinet. 

How fun is it to open a cabinet and find such a mesmerizing dressing table. It can be hidden away from the eyes of everyone with a gigantic door giving the room more definition and opening up to such a beautiful space when in need.  designs for the living room.

Rolling ladder cabinet. 

If you love a high ceiling cabinet, adding a cabinet with a rolling ladder might just be your thing. The mobile ladders are very useful and also look very extraordinary, plus the high cabinets give a lot more storage. 

These were our 20 different cabinet designs for the living room. Make sure to come back for more!

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