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In Western architecture, a living room also called a lounge room is a room for relaxing and socializing in a residential house or apartment. It is also known as the front room of the house. And since this is the first room everyone sees, also where guests are entertained, this room has to be well planned, well designed, and well decorated. We don’t want the space constraints of today’s apartments from stopping you to have all, so here are some small lounge rooms ideas: 

Love seat. 

Small lounge rooms do not need huge three-seater sofas, trading these traditional sofas for a cute love seat can be enough. Love seats look cuter, cozy, and save a lot of space. Love seats can be chosen according to your size requirements. 

Sofa island. 

Instead of dedicating a whole different space for table seating, adding an island to the back of the sofa with some stools can help save a lot of space and also looks unique. You can design it according to your specific needs like also adding some extra storage space. 

Creative with storage. 

When living in small places storage is one of the most problematic areas. We have to get creative while dealing with it. Adding storage behind long mirrors is one of the many effective techniques to solve your storage problems, it will also be a little unnoticeable being in the back and people getting attracted to the interesting shape of the mirror. 

Window seating. 

Designing a space around a window is very helpful and smart, most people let the space around the window empty which is very confusing because it is the most well-lit space and look the most beautiful. One way to use the area is by creating a seating area with wall mount storage space and also adding drawers to the bottom. It can be used as seating or as a guest bed when one arrives. 

Pouffe seating. 

To add more seating to your lounge room you can invest in a multi-use center table, that has poufs to increase seating. It saves space when not in use and also looks very modern. 

Coffee/dining Table. 

Another way to use center space is getting a coffee table that can turn into a dining table or office table when needed and having foldable chairs around it. These types of multi-use furniture are in trend right now because of space constraints that are gradually taking over. 

Hidden cabinet. 

Another creative idea would be to design a hidden cabinet in your living space to give you more storage without compromising the look and style of the space, and also proper space management. 

Multipurpose table. 

In cases where you choose to have proper sofa settings, adding a console table with seating can add that extra space needed in the room, and also makes the room bigger since a lounge room with only the sofa set taking up the whole space would look smaller than it is. 

Side tables 

Even in small lounge rooms adding side tables is important because they create more space than they take up, and having a proper storage side table will help in case of small center tables too. These tables look aesthetically pleasing and more organized. 

Bigger the rug, the bigger the room. 

Décor you lounge room with big colorful rugs that cover the main seating area because it makes the room feel bigger and also makes the seating area decorated. Colors and prints of different types make the rug stand out and the attention drops on it rather than the space of the room. 

  Sofa cum storage

Select a sofa set that also offers ample storage which will save you from dedicating more space to storage which in turn makes the room look cramped. Sofa sets can take up most of the space in lounge rooms so it’s better to get more use out of them. 

Wall-mounted furniture

Adding wall-mounted foldable furniture is the key to living small. This furniture helps so that you don’t have to compromise on anything and get almost everything you require out of space. 

Plants are your best friend. 

Plants hold the capability to light up any room and make it feel more open and giving. Wall hanging and floor plants do not take up much space and help a lot in opening up the room and creating a sense of freshness.  

Pendant lights. 

When it comes to small lounge rooms, adding pendant lights to your ceilings is a must, apart from looking so elegant and creating a cozy environment, pendant lights give an illusion of high ceilings which in turn makes the room feel much bigger and more open. 

Vertical stripes. 

If you feel like you have enough space in your lounge room as to the carpet area but fall short when it comes to room height, you should design your living space with more vertical lines as they make the ceilings feel higher. Another little thing that can help is adding some vertical lights. 

Bright colors. 

 While choosing paints or wallpapers for your living room make sure to select colors that are lighter and brighter as they will be dictated openness and be very inviting making the room feel bigger. A well-lit room with cool colors also has the same effect. Hence we advise you to use bright colors in your small lunge rooms.

Low-height furniture. 

When you cannot do anything about the wideness of your room, add furniture with low height so at least your ceilings look higher and the space doesn’t feel overcrowded with big pieces. 

Horizontal stripes. 

When a room has enough height but lacks a wide range, a simple yet very effective trick is to add more horizontal stripes on the walls that make them look mode wider resulting in making the space look bigger and are also a very distinctive feature. 

Vertical Mirrors. 

Mirrors make a room look larger and more open. Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night which in turn creates more visual space in your small lounge room. 

TV cabinet and poufs. 

For more storage and seating in the living space, design and entertainment area with shelves and cabinets around to help with storage and also add some poufs to give extra seating. These types of entertainment units are very popular these days and will amp up your small lounge room.

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